A ticketing system is the most popular channel of communication that hosting companies offer to their customers. It is most often part of the billing account and is the most effective way to resolve an issue that requires some time to examine or that has to be escalated to a server admin. In this way, all replies given by either side will be kept in the same place in case someone else wants to work on the issue at hand and the info in the ticket will be available to all parties. The drawback of deploying a ticketing system with most hosting platforms is that it’s separate from the hosting Control Panel, so you will have to log in and out of no less than 2 accounts in order to perform a certain task or to reach the hosting company’s client service staff. If you’d like to manage a handful of domain names and each one of them is hosted in a separate account, you’ll need to use even more accounts at the same time. On top of that, it may take a considerable length of time for the hosting provider to process your tickets.

Integrated Ticketing System in Cloud Hosting

With a cloud hosting from our company, you’ll never need to leave your account. Our ticketing system is integrated into the Hepsia Control Panel, which is used to manage your entire online presence. You can seamlessly access any trouble ticket while you’re browsing your files or tweaking various settings. The ticketing system is being closely monitored 24/7/365 by our client support engineers and the response time is maximum one hour, but it rarely takes more than twenty minutes to get help. Unlike certain web hosting companies, we don’t charge more for using the ticketing system, so you can touch base with us as often as you like and request information concerning any billing or technical issue. On top of that, you can read a variety of educative articles, which will help you tackle the most commonly encountered issues yourself.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We think that it’s far more convenient to manage everything in one location, which is the reason why we have integrated a support ticket system into the custom-created Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is offered with each semi-dedicated server account. This will permit you to manage the communication with our client support staff together with your website content, which suggests that you will not need to remember additional logon credentials for a separate admin interface. You will be able to open a new ticket or to track down the status of an old one with less than a few clicks whilst you are browsing the files within your semi-dedicated account. Besides, you can go through older tickets using a smart search box or read relevant knowledge base articles, which offer solutions to commonly experienced issues. The integrated ticketing system is strictly monitored 24x7 with the maximum ticket response time being only sixty minutes, so there will always be someone to help you out.